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Eligiblity criteria

  1. The project must comply with the requirements and the scope of Priority Axis 1 “Sustainable and integrated urban development” of OP “Regional Development 2007-2013” in the following priority areas:
    1. Improvement of the social infrastructure: education, healthcare, cultural heritage, sports, through development of local entrepreneurship in any of the aforementioned areas whose development is lagging behind, as well as improvement of the energy efficiency;
    2. Improvement of the physical environment and risk prevention through recovery of  degraded or decapitalized urban infrastructure;
    3. Sustainable urban transport systems through modernization and development of the infrastructure networks of the public transport and communications, including the associated infrastructure
    4. Organization and improvement of economic activities through development and creation of the institutions of the business environment.
  2. The project must comply with the Regulations of the EU Structural funds, as well as with any amendments to them or any updates to the related legislation.
  3. The project must be implemented on the territory of Sofia municipality.
  4. The project must be a part of the Integrated Plan for Urban Regeneration and Development of Sofia or part of the special municipal plans (Municipal Development plan, Urban development master plan and Detailed development plans)
  5. The project must comply with the goals and the scope of the Investment policy of the JESSICA Holding Fund in Bulgaria.
  6. The project must NOT fall under the limitations of the JESSICA financial instrument: investment in completed projects, refinancing of projects, etc.
  7. The project must be structured in such way that it generates enough revenue in order to be able to repay the received funding from the FSUDS. The investment characteristics of the projects that are funded by the FSUDS shall not allow the implementation of the project purely under market conditions.
  8. The project must be sustainable both in terms of expected long-term effect and in regard to its financial profitability and the possibility for repayment of the debt to FSUDS (and other funding parties).
  9. The implementation of the project must lead to positive socio-economic changes and development of Sofia.

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